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Product overview

Turbidity is the degree of hindrance that occurs when a suspended substance in a solution passes through light. Water contains mud, dust, fine organic matter, zooplankton and other microorganisms such as suspended solids and colloids can make the solution appear turbidity.

The ZDK-3103 Precision Desktop Turbidimeter is used to measure the degree of scattering of light generated by insoluble particulate matter suspended in water or transparent liquids and to quantitatively characterize the content of these suspended particulate matter. This instrument adopts Formazine turbidity standard solution stipulated in the international standard ISO7027 for calibration, adopting international standard unit NTU as turbidity measurement unit.

Can be widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection water treatment, pharmaceuticals, biochemical, food industry, tap water and scientific research institutes and other laboratory turbidity laboratory sampling analysis and testing.


Product specifications


2,Range:0~10NTU、0~25NTU;0~200NTU;0~400NTU ;0~1000NTU ;0~2000NTU




6,Zero drift:±0.5%FS

7,Data output:RS232

8,Display:English LCD display

9,adjustment:Standard adjust or field experiment adjust

10,Working power:AC220V±22V, 50Hz±10Hz;

11,Instrument material:metal

12,Dimension & Weight:320×280×220mm,3Kg


Product functions:

1, using LCD backlight liquid crystal display turbidity, simple operation, clear and intuitive.

2, using microcomputer data processing, touch buttons, streamlined shape design, optional printer.

3, The unique positioning structure and high-precision imported optical system effectively ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the measured value. The instrument can work stably for a long time.

4, A wide range of measurement, accurate display value, to meet the special turbidity analysis, low turbidity analysis, unstable turbidity analysis and suitable for use in various industries.

5, accurate range automatic switching device, and its reliable linear compensation system, making the measurement data more accurate and better stability.

6, increase the color compensation system, effectively avoid interference caused by the sample color, can correctly reflect the concept of turbidity.

7, the use of high-quality imported integrated circuits and photoelectric detection components, a higher overall stability.

8, with print function (optional), data saving review function (30 times), date and time display function.

9, special high-efficient ultra-stable long-life light source system, measuring up to 200,000 hours, maintenance-free use, no replacement concerns.


Standard composition:

ZDK-3103 one turbidity meter, one bottle of international standard solution of Formosa, six photoelectric sampling tubes of TUS9024.

Ordering guide:

1, Must inform the use of the scene;

2, Must inform the solution of the measurement range, easy to configure.

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