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Product overview

Turbidity is the degree of hindrance that occurs when a suspended substance in a solution passes through light. Water contains mud, dust, fine organic matter, zooplankton and other microorganisms such as suspended solids and colloids can make the solution appear turbidity. The turbidimeter (turbidimeter) measures the principle of scattered light in the direction of 90° according to the ISO 7027 international standard. When a parallel beam of light from the light source passes through the solution, part of it is absorbed and scattered, and the other part passes through the solution. When the light hits the liquid surface, there is a certain correlation between the incident light intensity, the transmitted light intensity, the scattered light intensity ratio and the water sample turbidity, and the transmitted light intensity, the scattered light intensity, and the incident light intensity are determined. The ratio of transmitted light intensity to scattered light intensity determines the turbidity of the water sample.

The ZDK-310 online turbidity analyzer has a built-in microprocessor with advanced configuration and powerful functions. It is a very accurate on-line turbidity measuring instrument. The 880-nm infrared light source penetrates through the optical lens and penetrates the sample fluid, and is measured according to the ISO 7027 international standard. With the principle of scattered light in the 90° direction, the turbidity analyzer can measure the turbidity of raw or purified water in various places of filtration devices, such as drinking water, various production and industrial waters, and any places that require the use of qualified water. . This product is compact in structure, built-in backlit LCD screen, data memory, relay control output (3 channels). The ZDK-310 turbidity controller outputs a 4 to 20 mA isolated signal, which transmits reliable data for any place where turbidity needs to be monitored and controlled.

Can be widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, biochemical, aquaculture, food, beer, tap water and scientific research institutes and other occasions on-line continuous monitoring of turbidity.

Product specifications







7,Display:English LCD display

8,adjustment:Standard adjust or field experiment adjust

9,Signal output:

     4-20mA isolated output (standard), maximum load 750Ω

     3 sets of relay isolated outputs (standard), capacity AC220V/3A

     RS-485 output (standard)

10,Working power:AC220V±22V, 50Hz±10Hz; Optional DC24V±2.4V

11,Instrument material:PC

12,Dimension & Weight:260×230×70mm,2Kg

13,Protection level:IP65

14,Instrument installation method:Wall-mounted or Rack-mounted

15,Working conditions:

     Environment temperature -20℃~60℃

     Relative humidity less than 90%

     No vibration

Product functions:

1,Large screen English LCD display, separate function menu, clear and intuitive, easy to operate, user experience is good;

2,using high-performance imported chips and components, modular design, layout good, instrument stability and reliability;

3,using international standard 90°scattered light plus transmitted light compensation measurement technology, the measurement is more accurate;

4,The imported near-infrared optical system can perfectly eliminate the influence of the color of the solution, and the measurement is more stable and accurate;

5,highly intelligent design, fault self-diagnosis function, can automatically compensate for the effects of eliminating voltage fluctuations, component aging, temperature changes and solution color changes, so that the measurement results remain accurate, stable, reliable, long service life long;

6,The instrument is designed for anti-lightning and anti-electromagnetic interference, which is suitable for many different industrial applications;

7,The sensor uses imported high-performance optical system, digital signal output, durable, durable, high measurement accuracy, sensor cable up to tens of meters away, the transmission signal is stable, without distortion;

8,the instrument signal output upper and lower limits, the alarm limit, can be arbitrarily set to meet the needs of various industrial automation control;

9,according to the requirements of different industrial occasions, choose the corresponding installation method, flexible installation, so that the installation is more simple and efficient;

10,support and compatible with a variety of signal transmission methods, docking a variety of wired and wireless remote transmission, perfect docking Internet of things.

Ordering guide:

1,must inform the use of the scene;

2,the approximate measurement range;

3,the installation of secondary instruments and sensors;

4,on-site power supply requirements, do not explain according to AC220V configuration;

5,secondary instrument signal output, standard 4-20mA output.